New Year,New Lineup,New Songs,New Shows

We’re back and ready to ring in the new year.  Much has been going on since we last checked in:Susie left to pursue non-rock band pursuits,we’ve added a new drummer,Mark,and Luke has moved up to guitar.  We’ve been working on a bunch of new songs to complement the new lineup.  We debuted a few at our show this weekend at the Fine Line and we’ll be rolling out more over the next couple months.

We have a show coming up at O’Gara’s on January 27,so come hear the new material.  We’ll be adding more info on the new and improved The Cold Open soon.

1 comment to New Year,New Lineup,New Songs,New Shows

  • bob fowler

    Luke,Sorry I missed you @ O’Gara’s (went fishing up north)
    When you get a schedule or your next gig,shoot me an email and I will try to make it. Good luck with all. Defib recovery complete?

    Best Wishes,BF

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