The Cold Open’s union of well-crafted songs,formidable musicianship,and gleaming personality have made it an exciting addition to the Twin Cities music scene.  The Cold Open has played packed shows around the Cities and released its first full-length album,Behind the Mattress.  The songs on Behind the Mattress have been road-tested and exemplify The Cold Open’s penchant for smart lyrics,engaging composition,and intoxicating energy.

The Cold Open formed in the summer of 2009 when former high-school bandmates Aron Rice and Luke DeKarske finished school and found themselves back in the Twin Cities.   To complete the lineup,they recruited Dan Goerger and Luke’s sister,Susie DeKarske.  The Cold Open has defined itself as a band that combines smart,solid songwriting with precise and energetic musicianship.

The payoff for The Cold Open’s efforts can be heard on their album,“Behind the Mattress.”  Working with recording engineers Andy Lindberg and Tom Garneau,The Cold Open have produced an album that is immediately engaging yet warrants repeated listening.

Since the release of their album,The Cold Open has reinvented itself with new songs and a new lineup.  Susie has left,Luke moved up front to play guitar,and we welcome Mark Johnson behind the drum kit.  2011 brings exciting possibilities for The Cold Open.

If you like some substance in your pop music or just enjoy a good song,The Cold Open fits the bill. The Cold Open consists of Luke DeKarske (guitar,vocals),Aron Rice (guitar,vocals),Mark Johnson (drums),and Dan Goerger (bass guitar).